A contest on WordPress: how and why? [Quick Guide]

8:11 pm May 9, 201710917

Why focus on Facebook or Twitter for a contest so that we would have only advantages to do it on our own WordPress site?

In this article, we’ll see what would be the benefits of organizing such an event on our site rather than on our social networks, what are the regulations and especially how to proceed through the extension WordPress contest


Why organize a contest on your WordPress website?

That’s a funny question! Indeed, the contests are rather commonplace on social networks, including Facebook, which is the social network that lends itself best… But have you ever considered a contest directly on your website or your WordPress blog ? Isn’t it? Yet, you should!

Indeed, the Organization of such an event can only be beneficial for your site. He does, at first glance, the benefits! To name a few and leave a little leeway to your imagination, here’s what you get:

  • the first benefit, and certainly the most interesting, would be to increase the traffic to your site or blog. Therefore, it can also improve your SEO.
  • you could acquire new visitors / prospects and so do know more your blog, your brand, your products, your specialty or your activity.
  • you could increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter, that she, will serve to promote your products or your articles
  • you could increase your communities on social networks, which is not negligible
  • you could improve and enhance your e-reputation
  • etc…

what could be the issues / lots?

What could I possibly offer my readers that they are interested in this event? – and that it cost me less money as possible – obviously, this is a good question! And the answer is really subjective depending on the editorial line of your blog, your readers and your business.

The ideal would be to involve partners, however, if your blog is not yet very well known, it will be a little tricky for some brands… Then find win-win partnerships. Otherwise, if you have resources to offer, it will certainly be a good start…

prerequisites them before a contest on WordPress

these games are regulated and it is strongly recommended to stay within the law… You should know that there not so long ago, it was mandatory to file your official rules with a bailiff. It could cost anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred euros. Good news! Since the end of 2014, this step is no longer required. However, depending on the size of your competition, it would be rather wise to submit in order to avoid all disputes that it could generate.

Then, when you have a contest, you collect the personal information of your participants, so think about declaring your WordPress site with the CNIL (National Commission of computing and freedoms), history of not breaking the rules…

how to easily organize a contest?

Plugin WordPress Concours

Olyos , a French web agency, for recently developed an extension to organize competitions within a WordPress site, it’s WordPress contest . It is free, available on the official plugins directory and is compatible from version 4.7 of WordPress. Thanks to WordPress contest , you can:

  • generate as many competitions as you like
  • customize your own
  • integrate your Facebook page and Twitter account to increase your communities
  • choose a duration (start and end)
  • draw the winners

Let’s discover together how to use :

after installing the extension WordPress contest , you will notice a new tab named “contest” appeared. It offers 3 SubTabs named “Information”, “List of competitions” and “Add a contest”. It is on this last one is going to look…

Créer un nouveau concours

Now, it’s very simple, you need to follow each blocks and fill in all required fields for the creation of your new competition:

  1. Add a
  2. contest

  3. enter the title of your contest
  4. Add a description
  5. choose the validity dates (beginning and end)
  6. connect your Facebook Page to help Facebook iFrame generator
  7. insert the URL of the Tweet of your choice
  8. increase Subscribers to your newsletter by simply checking the option “Show the inscription to the newsletter”
  9. add your official rules
  10. don’t forget to back up

a shortcode will appear under the title of your competition (in green) then you can copy it – paste into the page or article of your choice, nothing simpler! Here is the result:

throughout the event you can check state registrations through the tab “see participants” … This same tab will allow you to easily draw one or more winner (s) when your competition comes to an end!

Small flat still : you’ll notice the advertisement placed in the bottom right…

alternatives to extending WordPress contest

If you do not want to use the plugin WordPress contest, you can still organize a more traditional way with the help of Random.org site that will help you draw your winner.

Otherwise, you will have the option to use a premium plugin that you can choose on the platform CodeCanyon . They are very numerous and their features and prices vary significantly. The advantage is that some of them are specialized for specific events such as photo contests, video contests, quizzes etc…

My little advice : before you buy, be sure to check that the plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, read reviews, and test the demo version.

in conclusion…

To conclude, and support this article, Fabrice can certainly confirm that the competition for 5 years of training WP for been a success:

  • it for cost him almost nothing (except time, of course),
  • he increased my traffic (which is already well-behaved usually),
  • he made a happy 60!
  • and especially, he put forward the actors of the community WordPress (developers, brands, freelancers etc.) allowing them to become a partner of this event…

So, convinced? Who wants to start?