9 + 1 features of WordPress that one tends to forget… [Quick Guide]

7:13 pm November 14, 201612503

Have you ever noticed that the same actions is always used in WordPress, the basic features “that go”: create a new article, publish, update etc… But have you ever wondered what was this little button here or even this little box over there?

The most curious of you certainly know the tricks which I’ll talk about today but others will discover certainly the hidden face of the multiple features of WordPress!

Les fonctionnalités de WordPress

to the base, when you install WordPress, you will find a category that is already created, it’s the “Unfiled” category or “Uncategorized” and you might be frustrated to see that you can not delete it if we go directly to the Articles tab > Categories .

So, in order to change this, I give you appointment in the General tab > writing… You have that to change your default category type (first, create your own categories).

at any time, you bring up the features of WordPress that you may find useful. To do this, simply click on “ screen Options” located at the top right of your screen, just below your admin bar. A window will slide, check and uncheck, as you wish, the options that matter to you.

This small Panel is available in all tabs on your back-office and is different depending on these .

based on your site’s audience, you might need to set a date and a time of publication … WordPress makes it easy.

Just go to the insert “ publish “, located at the top of the sidebar on the right when you are in your article: click on ‘ edit ‘ located next to ‘ immediately publish ‘ and fill in the date and time desired, finally, click on “ plan “. Child’s play!

Programmer une publication
Plannifier un article

an article with comments is fine, but a contact page or even a homepage with the possibility to leave, it’s not great… When starting with WordPress, one of the first things we wonder is “ how disables we comments? “.”

Nothing more simple, WordPress for thought about this and give you the choice. Visit in the list of your pages or your articles, hover over the mouse your post to change, then click on “ quick edit “. A small Panel opens and allows you to check or uncheck this option.

Désactiver les commentaires

5. The “writing without distractions” mode

you need to concentrate on your article when you start an essay? To do this, WordPress offers a mode of writing “no distractions” … Indeed, it is this famous icon located under the tab “ text” in your article… Click on it and do not let anything distract you…

6. Split an article into multiple pages

so, if that’s possible! You can split your article into multiple pages . This could be useful if your article is a bit long or for marketing reasons…

Just add this little piece of code