8 tips to learn how to dispense with my smartphone [Exclusive Guide]

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learn how to dispense with its smartphone and defeat my addiction? Smartphones addiction is a topic that we often talk about in our columns. However, today, rather than offer a State of affairs where the list of issues and impacts of this addiction on your health and your daily well-being, we offer some tips that will help you become less addicted.

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Smartphones, how not be addicted?

As it had already revealed a recent study, 67% of the users consult their phone screen to check if they have not received a call or a text message, even when no sound signal indicating a notification for sounds, 44% sleep with and 29% reported not being able to live without. An addiction that quickly becomes desocialisante . Confess everything while it’s a shame to break the actual communication to the benefit of the virtual.

1. put your phone on silent

we don’t necessarily think and yet put its smartphone on silent is the first thing to do when you want to escape. Attention, not in vibrate mode but in silencer. And then go about your business without looking at the screen every five minutes.

smartphone mode silence

you’ll see, after a little while, you do expect more for the simple reason that you will again simply to live in the present and in what you are doing and not incessant a new message or a notification pending. After all, Facebook and text messages can wait. Your only priority is you!

2. hide your smartphone

it’s so simple that you don’t even think not and yet so effective. By putting your smartphone out of your sight (after you put it in silent mode, as explained above), you will no longer have the temptation to constantly turn the screen to check for new notifications or new messages.

smartphone face contre table

of course, it is not to hide in the depths of your home or your garden at the risk of losing it or damage it, but simply to put it out of your sight. The bravest will be able to let him face down. Attention do not cheat by turning it over five minutes. For others, the ideal will be put at the bottom of their bag or simply in a drawer before moving on to the next step. And beware, don’t enjoy not throw you on your Tablet!

3. raise the foot on notifications

you are part of those who consult their notifications every five minutes? SMS, Facebook, all means are good to take your smartphone in hand and light screen to check who commented the last photo you have posted on the social network where if you have received a reply to the last message sent to your well loved (e) or to your best friend.

stopper notifications

rest assured, you’re not alone and, the good news is that it’s treatable. Simply, to do this, you go into your phone settings and limit , or even totally stop notifications . You’ll have more free time to think about anything else and besides your battery will thank you.

4 be aware of the time spent on your smartphone

you bought expensive, you like it, and it is part of your daily life. But have you ever asked how much time you actually spend on your smartphone? Besides, do you really want to know? Yet, this small piece of encrypted information may be be the silver bullet to get less hooked.

temps passe smartphone

and besides, you won’t even need to time you as application Quality Time will do it for you . However the answer may scare you. That said, if it allows you to pick up the game for good, is worth the candle.

Google Play

5. Treat yourself to moments without phone

because of their multifunctional aspect, smartphones with us in every moment of the day. Chatter through the SMS application , surf web and even to listen to the music. That said, if you can offer you moments without a phone, it won’t be a bad.

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in fact, there are still plenty of opportunities to do without my phone, like taking a bath (to provided, of course that is not waterproof), jog (without using the slightest application of tracking of physical activity) or cooking (without consulting a recipe application). even better, put your smartphone in flight mode or turn it off, and give free rein to your imagination.

6. do not use your phone as an alarm clock

we won’t tell the opposite, the alarm function found on all smartphones is very convenient. That said, she for also its negative effects since it requires you to keep the phone next to your bed and encourages you to check your notifications in the morning wake up in the morning. One only moments or you might sometimes have free head and think about something else.

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7. Schedule breaks

you find solutions mentioned above too radical? It’s understandable, however this last tip will appear maybe in your eyes as the best compromise. Developed by Dr. Larry D. Rosen, Professor of psychology at California State University, it is to see your notifications, calls, SMS and social networks for a minute and then turn off your phone for 15 minutes, leaving him out of your sight.

accro smartphone

you will, of course, made sure to set the alarm 15 minutes later, so that it reminds you that you can again check the device then repeat the operation. Of course, the goal here is to extend the duration of breaks, to five minutes every week, for example before know you that even when you do not have your smartphone under the eyes constantly, you don’t miss anything.

8. remove you without your smartphone

the idea may seem absurd, yet it is not. A smartphone is a mobile device, it is made to be taken anywhere but you can also very well without. For example, the individual who leaves the House every day to walk my dog or buy a loaf of bread its smartphone in hand.

sortir sans smartphone

and where the goal is to leave home without their smartphone, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or even hours when used will be anchored. It is somewhat the same principle as the breaks, except that here, your smartphone will really be remotely!