7 tips and tricks for the ZTE Axon 7 [Exclusive Guide]

4:28 pm February 18, 20175664

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you have purchased the last flagship of ZTE for the holidays and you want to do more with your smartphone? here’s 7 tips and tricks to make the most of your new smartphone.


the ZTE Axon 7 comes with a custom, approximating interface Android stock, but with several additional features to enhance the user experience. In order to take full advantage, here are 7 tips for your ZTE Axon 7.


the Axon ZTE 7 offers an unusual option, you can set up a side menu that will allow you to use actions of physical buttons as lock screen, take a screenshot, or open the multitasking menu. Not necessarily very useful at first sight, this option can easily find its usefulness when using the smartphone to a hand. This allows you to quickly switch from one application to another without having to press the physical.


this feature is also useful to quickly browse the Internet using the rear back directly from the browser button. In addition, the buttons are customizable in order to select only those that are useful.

open an application with a fingerprint

the ZTE Axon 7 also allows you to set the opening an application when you use a particular finger on the fingerprint sensor. With this feature, you can quickly open the camera, the web browser or any other application that you use regularly in order not to lose time in menus.


it is also a feature that is especially useful when you use your smartphone in landscape mode. Thanks to her, you can easily open the camera or a game without having to rotate the smartphone to open the application manually.

different video modes

for video lovers, the ZTE Axon 7 provides basic options to experience various shots. Thanks to them you can, easily Slow Motion and time-lapse that are natively generated through the smartphone camera.


you can also find other modes, dedicated to photography, as the classic panoramas, but also a Super night mode , which allows to produce brighter pictures by taking a picture with an exposure time more important.

settings screen

a difficult access, in the menu setting display to set the Colorimetry and the saturation of the screen of the Axon 7 to adapt it according to their tastes. If you are lovers of intense colours, you can adjust the saturation and vary the colors to contrast warmer or colder. These are options welcomed, especially with OLED technology that really allows to obtain accurate results.


you can also choose to have a real color rendition, without making special handling in order to have a realistic rendering for your photographs. In all cases, the setting is very easy to modify, you can adapt the color rendering of the screen according to your tastes and your needs.

optimize the use of its battery

Power Manager ZTE Axon 7 provides a lot of options that allow you to improve the autonomy. For example, you can ask the Axon 7 automatically set the frequency of the CPU according to your usage in order to reduce consumption. Always in optimizations, the Axon 7 automatically detects the parameters that can have an influence on energy consumption and suggest you change them.


in addition, a long standby mode is also available. It allows to reduce the features of the smartphone to the basics to allow him to have an autonomy of several days, perfect for the road-trips !

the gestures and actions

the ZTE Axon 7 offers to activate gestural actions to carry out orders quickly. Some are relatively conventional as the Double Tap that allows you to quickly turn on your phone by pressing twice on the screen off or the return to stop , which allows you to quickly switch the smartphone in silent mode.


some options are less common and quite interesting, as the Mode Pocket which increases the volume and the vibration of your smartphone when it is located in a pocket.

improve the General responsiveness of the system

a very classic Android, but often misunderstood option hides in the options for developers. To get there, you just need to press several times ‘Build number’ in the menu ‘about phone ‘. Once in the developers options, set the options ‘Scale animation windows’, “Scale animation transitions” and “Time scale animation” on x 0, 5.


appreciated by some, less by others, the option to reduce the duration of opening of application or transition animations. It is especially beneficial on a high-end, like the 7 Axon terminal, since it will allow you to take full advantage of the performance of the smartphone.

in addition to these 7 tips, very many options are present within the Axon 7. If you have, feel free to talk about your favorite features in the comments!

discover the Axon ZTE 7

the Axon ZTE 7 is the flagship of the Chinese carmaker, it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with a Super AMOLED screen of 5.5 inch QHD-definition, as well as a 20 (f/1.8) megapixel camera sensor.

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