7 plugins to view your WordPress RSS feed [Quick Guide]

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RSS feed , an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”, is a system to dynamically retrieve the latest articles freshly published on a blog. It is a stream in XML (extensible markup language) format to which a user can subscribe to receive an email for each new release.

Different newsletter , this flow is generated automatically… Besides WordPress exploits this feature and with the help of some plugins you can do great things! Make a tour d’horizon of the best plugins for RSS…

flux RSS pour WordPress

Plugin Import XML feed

import XML feed is a free plugin available on the official WordPress directory allowing you to import content from an RSS feed from point A to point B , same site the streams in question comes from a site that doesn’t belong to you! The procedure is quite simple: after installing the plugin, you will have access to the settings via the settings tab > Moove feed import .

Import XML - Settings

From here, you can choose the source between a URL or an UPLOAD in order to define your import options, such as the choice between the posts, pages or the “custom posts” as well as information such as the title, the date, the thumbnail (thumbnail), category, description, url of origin etc…

Beware, it is import, which means that each post will be created dynamically within your WordPress site: categories and articles or pages will be created in your back-office with as content the “ GUID ” (Globally Unique Identifier) of the original article. Any article will contain the link to the article of origin as well as the mention “appeared first on www…”

RSS feed widget

RSS Feed Widget is also a free plugin that allows you to show any flow within your WordPress site in the form of a widget that you can place in your sidebar ” your footer or even inside an article or a page.

Once the plugin is installed, it is in the settings tab > RSS feed widget you will find a simple choice to set the size of the image (thumbnail) of articles from the RSS feed that you define later…

RSS feed widget - rendu

Then, all other settings to manage, as any widget, since the tab appearance > Widget . You can enter the URL of the RSS feed of your choice and also opt for various presentation as the carousel, the list, description etc… A shortcode will then be created in order to insert this widget where you want it (article, page etc…). Also, this widget can be customized using the extension Chameleon (however offering a somewhat customization).

RSS Slider on Post

you will find RSS Slider we Post on the official plugins directory. Also allows it to display in the WordPress site, the RSS feed from an external site (or even you) but in a very discreet way… No frills, no images on the front page! Its particularity is to offer a “window” scrolling automatically (title + description) items in the stream.

RSS Slider on Post - visuel

In three or four clicks you can define its settings and make it appear wherever you want. Once installed, go to the tab settings > Slider we Post , make your choice according to 4 predefined types of presentations and then save. Finally, to display the RSS feed, simply insert the following shortcode: [rss-slider-on-post setting=”1″] (the “1” that can be changed according to your choice of presentation). 

RSS News Display

Display News RSS is ‘cousin’ of RSS Slider we Post , both created by the same developer… The difference is that you can set up to 5 RSS feeds and set a different layout for each of them. For him also not superfluous, no images, no descriptions, just the basics: the title and link of the articles contained in the RSS feed… Once installed, it is also on the side of the tab settings > Rss News Display you must go to enter the various URL. Then, to make them appear in an article, you will use the shortcode [rss-news-display setting=”1″] .

WP Feed Post Thumbnail

you should know that an RSS is usually present in a way very basic, not very pretty even! And well thanks to WP Post Thumbnail Feed , you will be able to make it a little more attractive thanks to the insertion of “image to the one” contained in your article (If however you use this function). Look at the difference between a stream that uses the display of the thumbnail and one who does not use it:

images pour flux RSS

of more WP Post Thumbnail Feed is very light and only adds two options to check that you will find at the bottom of the section settings > reading

WP Feed réglages

This feature offered by the plugin WP Post Thumbnail Feed may be easily replaced by the addition of a small piece of code in the file functions.php of your theme (child preferably). To do this, I invite you to read WP Beginner article .

Category RSS

Category Specific RSS will allow you to present a menu offering the visitor to subscribe to the different flow types proposed by your WordPress site in addition to your usual flow. This is ideal if your site covers different types of subjects and that, therefore, you categorize your items under various headings (category). The user can then subscribe only to the feed that interests him.

RSS Category - abonnement

The settings are very simple: once the plugin is installed, go to the tab settings > Category Specific RSS in which you can set up to 8 different RSS feeds as well as a few other options…

Then, to display the menu, you have three options:

  1. slide the widget named Category Specific RSS in your sidebar (or footer) from the menu appearance > Widget
  2. insert the shortcode [category_specific_rss_menu] anywhere in your articles or pages
  3. If you develop your own theme or your own page template , you can include it with the following PHP function:

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is a freemium plugin that allows you to show your flow of social networks on your WordPress site. A bit like a widget, but with the advantage that the flows generated by Feed Them Social integrate perfectly with your theme: no iframes or unsightly presentations!

In the free version, you can use your streams from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Vine and Youtube, to upgrade to the paid version. Some options are only available from the premium version, which also allows the addition of many Add-ons. Expect to pay about $ 25/year for 1 site up to $ 100 per year for 25 sites!

To see the Visual rendering offered by this plugin, visit the demo .

in conclusion…

Often underestimated, there is still many advantages to exploit its own RSS or one from another blog! If you want to learn more about different RSS feeds generated by WordPress, I invite you to read this article dedicated…