5 ways to regain motivation! [Exclusive Guide]

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imagine this: you have a list with many goals to reach. You know you have to work, but you are not in ‘State’ to do anything. You are in a State of mind or you struggle to stay focused and you feel unmotivated. This report speaks to you? If your answer is Yes, just know that you are not alone, and that there are interesting to know “parades”.

how to find motivation?

honestly, everyone knows moments of demotivation. Sometimes we do feel good, we feel overwhelmed by all the work that is in front of us, we are sometimes in a bad mood, or sometimes we ‘just’ feel us lazy. But whatever the reason for which we feel unmotivated, if we do nothing to “counter” State, we hurt achieve and all our projects.

Il n'est pas toujours facile de rester motivé...

it is not always easy to stay motivated…

the way I see things, we have two options when we are in one of those lazy days.

we can sit back and let our to-do list ‘mock’ us and cause us even more stress, or we can find ways to motivate us and be more productive and serene.

if like me, you try most of the time to choose the second option, tips below right to know to achieve this goal.

1. Break down the “big” tasks

objectives can seem intimidating, especially if you’re a ‘bad day ‘. Then you can try to ‘break’ big tasks into smaller. Which will make the final goal less intimidating initially.

for example, if you perform a large presentation (Diaporama, PowerPoint) for your work, you can break it down into several well-established to make separate steps. Indeed, it is much easier to carry out a project by setting small steps to validate as and when. With this method you will feel much more motivated to complete each one, and you may even win the motivation after validating one of the steps.

2. Stay in motion

we have you never felt tired day while you do anything?… Well, that’s the problem, it is because you are no longer in “movement”! Do not do enough exercise can certainly make feel you more lazy and even incompetent…

so, feel free to do some “jumping jacks”, jogging, or just go for a walk. This is a surefire way to give more energy and moving things.

Bouger pour retrouver votre motivation

move to regain your motivation (sports, ride, etc.)

3. You focus on one thing at a time

If you feel overwhelmed because you have too many tasks to perform, it can quickly demotivate you… The feel of a workload high risk to stress out you and “kill” your motivation.

so if you happen to feel overwhelmed, choose only a task to work on (de préférence la plus importante) . Remember to only keep your attention on this one task to do at the moment. Once you are finished, you will probably find that you then have motivation to work on the rest of your list.

4. Take a break

one of my favorite ways to me (re) motivate is to take a break from all that motivation me with things that fascinates me and gives me energy. Take the time to focus on one of our favorite pastimes can put us in a good mood.

when you have finished this moment of relaxation, you will return to your list of things with a State of mind, happy and refreshed. This might give you the motivation you need to work on the less fun to do tasks.

Prenez une pause pour récupérer et trouver un nouveau souffle

take a break to recover and find a new life

5. Give yourself a reward

research shows that people are more likely to do a task, if we offer them a reward to make. So, to give a reward if we finish a task list (ou terminer une tâche) maybe a tip for interesting to incorporate motivation.

do you offer for example something you wait for a long time or even something as small as a relaxing bath, a tile of chocolate or even watch the episode of a TV series.

Offrez vous une récompense après avoir réaliser une tâche pénible

give yourself a reward after completing a difficult task

you have another method to find your motivation? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below. 🙂

see you soon!

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