5 notions to gain confidence and get respect for others [Exclusive Guide]

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it is sometimes difficult to wake up excited when we feel “victimized” by the people who surround us (travail, famille, amis) . Thus, it is important to understand that some people do not know that they hurt us until we do them part of our feeling. In fact, there are just a small percentage of people who are actually aware of this point and who are empathetic enough to notice.

the secret to having positive relationships with others lies in our attitude – how we treat each other and how we treat those who surround us. By introducing some changes such as those listed below, we will be able to improve our quality of life.

1. Take care of yourself

if we physically maltreat us if we do not take care of our body, we will give to everyone around us a good reason to disrespect us. If we are not careful to ourselves, there is little chance that others are acting in reverse.

therefore need to ‘reinvent ‘. First, it is important to establish a routine of hygiene – in order to get presentable. This process can be interesting, because we can through this reinvent our style. This is to be comfortable with the image that we promote. For example, we can test different hairstyles, discover products for our skin, etc…

this process is also frustrating, but if we look at this transition to become a better person with positivity and enthusiasm, we will be able to find useful things and above all learn a lot about us – even.

2. Be considerate of others

people are not divided between good and evil: we have all the light and the darkness in ourselves.

as a result, we should not be ashamed when we have feelings of envy or anger, but we must we seek to recognize our emotions, so that we can find their roots and exterminate them (or at least channel them) .

Thus, when we communicate with someone, we must try to do it without having a ‘secret’ part, or avoid making share our point of view…

when we talk with someone, try to listen to what she for to say, and if we are not able to help him because a certain situation is not under our control (ou autre) , be a good listener will be more than enough. People are able to recognize the insincerity, it is something we must avoid.

try to be really attentive to others.

3. Work on my confidence

Although we are the most advanced species in the world, we operate according to our instincts, is one important thing that we have to keep in mind. One of these instincts is notably to establish dominance in our environment – I’m sure you know at least one specimen ‘alpha’ in your daily life. ^ ^

everyone is not a born leader, and in addition, if this isn’t your cup of tea, you should not force you to be someone you’re not.

However, we can be above this order ‘animaliste’ if we work on our trust by getting to know our skills and capabilities. The sense of self-esteem is based on the confidence we have in ourselves. So if we are in constant self-development our self-esteem can only go up. 🙂

4. Kindness and good manners

our modern way of life does not leave much time for the small pleasures and amenities of politeness. Personally I find it very unfortunate, because people forget to be nice to each other and it’s a shame.

you’d be surprised to see what kind of comments you receive if you become genuinely nice – have good manners, be nice with others and just say ‘thank you’ or ‘good day’ warmly and yet recognized to be something very rewarding. (

have you ever smile again through a merchant (e) (or another person) warm and friendly (se)?;)

then, try to be friendly with the people who surround you. You may give a smile to others and so you feel your turn even better afterwards (read more: 10 reasons to smile more often) .

try to be nice and friendly with others.

5. Do not walk on it

being good with people around us is one thing, but we must not allow others to disrespect us (including by taking advantage of our kindness) . Offer our help to someone for to be earned, and we cannot help people if we do not want (ou s’il ne le mérite pas) .

our time belongs to us and it is essential to spend at best. Show others that our time is valuable is important to our well-being. The people we help will be all the more happy to get our help if we give such importance to our time.

all these changes are a matter of mentality. In order to introduce them into our life, it is necessary to be persistent and disciplined. Nobody said that the transition is simple, but if we do, we will develop a strong will, and we’ll wake up the morning ready to attack all the challenges of daily life. 🙂

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