4 reasons to do sport to boost my blog [Quick Guide]

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4 reasons to do sport to boost my blog

Note: this guest article was written by Joseph Courtan of Sleevup help you to feel good in your skin and in your head.

you may wonder: what is the relationship between sports and boost my blog, right?

yet, it’s obvious! But even the best entrepreneurs tend to forget it. Sports isn’t that to be healthy or make good on the beach, it can also boost my business. More so when it comes to a blog.


create a blog is a daunting task and status form will directly impact on the quality of your articles, and so on the success of your business online. And a blog, it’s so personal! It is a reflection of what you are, so get to the top!

after all, you are your best tool! It is you who write your content, and you must demonstrate perseverance, creativity and focus for this. Build a blog, it’s like to run a marathon! The race is long and you have to exercise endurance.

here are 4 points on which the sport will help you in this adventure: Caucasian woman practicing yoga at seashore

1 – manage time effectively

the more difficult when working at home, is to manage my time effectively and to separate things between the personal and the professional.

when working at home, sometimes this type of question comes up: “I write this article or I put away the laundry… cooks… surfing some more on the net?”

of procrastination somehow!

do a little sport session the morning at sunrise (and a bit of meditation) really helped me out of procrastination, but also to lose weight, and feel really good in my skin to be calm about my state of health in the long term.

in addition, it is as if this session of sport woke me up and gave me the fishing to put me to work without further delay.

right now “sport + shower” is comparable to the way you would do in the morning if you had to go to work, and it allows to make the transition between the rest and activity.

well, you don’t have to sport morning for to reap the benefits. the sport to improve its shape and its vitality in general. And we know all – do a blog that works is a long-term task and you better have a sacred fishing for that!

2 – develop creativity and productivity

there are 2 million articles of blog published every day in the world. You can’t stand without being creative. And I can assure you that playing sports is a great way to keep my clarity of mind, my vision and take a step back. This is perhaps why the most creative people have a routine sports 1

research shows that sports activity promotes the functioning of the brain through improved circulation and better physical condition 2 !

Richard Branson, one of the biggest entrepreneurs of our time (creator of the Virgin Group , which today includes more than 400 different companies) consistently answer the same, whenever he was asked what he would advise to be efficient and productive at work: “ make the exercise (workout)”

in the school of Napierville, Illinois , a study was made to determine if exercise before going to class allowed it to boost academic performance students.

the result is amazing: school got the 1st place in the world in science and the 6th in mathematics while the country (United States) finished respectively 18th and 19th in these two subjects.

3 – take a step back

take back allows you to be aware of basic things like a mismatch with your audience, an inadequate marketing strategy, content or products that don’t really meet the need… diminuer les problèmes de dos

and is not keeping your head in the handlebars you can have this strategic perspective. When you’re in its activity, it is not objectively, and sometimes we let go of big mistakes.

Nelson Mandela, for example, said he put a point of honour to do exercise every morning, before leaving to work for the rest of the day, when he was locked up on Robben Island. It was for him, as for many others, a way of combat stress and keep a clear mind.

again, the sport is a great way to escape and think about something else for a while, in order to come back to your blog with a bit more fresh.

4 – lose weight and improve their health

If you read the article so far, is that you are convinced that sport can help you in your online business – and it is already great. But playing sports, coupled with a healthy (but not headlock) diet can also help you lose weight, and feel better about yourself for summer 🙂

This allows also to counter problems of back – often related to sitting – and frankly can see remove them completely with the exercises, decrease them.

you: what is the most appropriate sport for me?

here are a few secrets to choose your physical activity:

  • choose a sport that you can do at home without equipment . In this way, you decide if you want to do in the morning or in the afternoon, at the park or next to your sofa. You are free (that’s why we’re entrepreneurs, right?)
  • choose a sport that is effective for losing weight , but also for sculpt your silhouette and solve back problems . So forget the race walk and choose rather a sport routine which works the entire body and which offers sessions split at high intensity (very effective and for all levels).
  • and finally, pair this activity to a sound, but not strict food hygiene to . Food is one of the keys to improve your energy and lose weight. However, it can quickly turn into a Chinese puzzle where every calorie should be counted. Don’t go on a diet, but on a doable diet over the long term.

many people decide to register for sports halls in mind go three hours a week, full of enthusiasm… but the reality is a different story. After a few weeks, the motivation down and daily resumes its place. You take more time to go to the gym and you drop.

but after all, it’s normal! It’s hard to take 1 or 2 hours to go to the gym.

what I suggest, is a sport that does not take more than 30 minutes per session , you can do wherever you want, and when you want, and which is very effective to achieve your goals. I’m not talking about finally muscles, but to boost my energy, to improve my concentration , to have an athletic and losing weight. This is achievable with a physics program and 5 good food habits. These “methods” are specially designed so that even entrepreneurs have the time to apply!

don’t wait any longer to get started, to develop your business or to boost your life. With a suitable method, everything is possible!

see you soon, still in better shape.

Joseph Courtan Sleevup .


1 – Balzac, Mozart, Picasso… ball life of artists

2 – sport makes creative

3 – How to Supercharge your Productivity the Richard Branson Way

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