3D armoured glass correctly an install on iPhone

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Thank you you have purchased a bulletproof glass from XeloTech. In this guide, you will learn how the bullet-proof glass is properly attached. Basically speaking, it is very easy. First please read through everything, watch the video and then get started.

the video please fully look at 😉

important – important:

if there is a problem with the bulletproof glass, then you can contact easily me and you get help, replacement or money back. I promise you that.

it would be really nice, if you first contact me would 🙂


if a cover when Use your iPhone or iPad, then you should first remove these and then follow the steps in the video.

the most important is that when applying absolutely none may be specks of dust on the display. Therefore please very neatly cleaned with the enclosed damp cloth and then Polish with a dry cloth. More dust stickers are included, so that individual specks of dust can be removed. Generally is a

dust-free and bright environment during the installation so beneficial, first wipe the table, ventilate the room and wash hands and dry 🙂

good brightness is necessary, because you can see any dust particles.

video tutorial:


it would me really mean much, if you could take a minute and would rate my shop and the bullet-proof glass. Problem but please only contact 🙂

Thank you! 🙂

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