3 questions to ask yourself before recycling an old PC

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you are decided: you want give a second life to this PC you used a few years ago. Or so want to recycle old PCs that you have recovered to the dump. But before begin you, we must ask the right questions before that your approach turns at Calvary! Throughout this file on the recycling an old PC , I will take the example of two computers I’ve picked up a few days ago to the municipal waste Depot. The fishing was good for me: I get two towers ! Well Yes, it does little to make crab is happy 😀

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1) how do I know if a computer is interesting to recycle?

this is the first question you should ask yourself before begin you recycling an old PC . All computers are not ‘right’ to recycle… You do not have to have an old clunker running under Windows 3.1! So how do you know if one PC abandoned may be interesting to recycled ?

here’s my advice for now whether a computer is worth recycled : look if the motherboard at the back for a RJ45 network like this:


if the PC does not have this network RJ45 port, don’t waste your time: are often very old PC who were at best under Windows 98 and it is difficult to get something of These machines. However, you can still take your PC with you if you wish to make a few tweaks, try remove/back alone components to give you a hand… Nothing prevents you having tried to deliver it to the waste Depot 😀

2) what should I do if I get a PC that’s not right?

good question! 😉 In fact, if you got a PC like me in a dump, not sure if it was filed because it’s not working at all or if it’s because the previous owners believe that it for become too old and that he no longer serves nothing. If this is the case, they have wrong 😀 Furthermore, don’t think they found computers most often down. in a dump, on the contrary I am surprised sometimes to find PCs in perfect working order!


If you notice that the computer work more for any reason whatsoever, this does not mean that everything is to throw! It very often happens that one computer is found in the Trash because its owner – which is perhaps not a computer expert – it is (wrongly) out of service for various reasons: too slow, hard to start, bugs of all kinds… While it can be a simple malfunctioning hard drive or a defective memory card. Everything else is maybe still in working condition and so good to recover.

you’re the unluckiest is if you to get a PC with a faulty motherboard. You should acquire one another, compatible with the components currently installed in the PC. And it’s not easy! If it is only the hard drive which is defective for example, it is not difficult to find an IDE hard drive. The same for a H.S. graphics card, we get no problem to find a graphics card in AGP format for example. However, if the motherboard is defective , do not throw the computer so far! You can recover other components who walk them perfectly: hard drive, RAM, power supply… Do not forget to recover battery from the motherboard . This can be useful if your became HS. The symptoms? PC time often shifted, the BIOS settings that resets on each reboot… Maybe it’s the battery from the motherboard which is in question. Attractive, she is not given this stack believe me 😀

3) what are the different ways to recycle an old PC?

you’re in luck, all computer components that you got work properly! Or so you’ve managed to replace defective parts by components that you kept in stock 🙂 some of you know precisely what they will do to the machine. Others however wonder what they will be able to do so from an old machine. Here are some suggestions that may interest to you and give a second life to this voucher old PC!

turn my old PC into NAS Server

you can turn your old PC in data storage server. This will allow you to centralize documents and share them with all computers on your home network. If you have a box, you can install this system without problems. storage server network is also called NAS (Network Attached Storage).

to implement your storage server, you can install FreeNAS on your old PC . It is open-source software that turns a PC into a network file server. FreeNAS is completely free, you can download it from freenas.org . To help you install it, you can see the documentation.

give your old PC to an association, a school or a member of your family

after I put back it on, you can offer your old PC to an association or a school. Associations for example not often have the means to invest in the hardware . They don’t usually have need of a racing machine, only of a PC that allows them to access the internet and use type word processing software, spreadsheet, etc. And more you will have the feeling of having done a good deed 😀

in the same way, if a member of your family is looking for a PC to check my emails or go on Youtube, you can offer your old PC .

do not forget: delete all your personal data of the hard disk before giving your PC! 🙂

use your old PC as a test machine

If you want for example test Linux this is the perfect opportunity! Indeed, even if Virtualbox allows you to emulate a Linux environment, nothing beats a “real” machine that can test the system and confront the realities of installation and usage. To begin, I advise you to use the Debian , which is no doubt the Linux distribution the most stable and easiest to use. However, I advise against Ubun stew you that does not allow to learn to use Linux. For those who want to get your hands dirty, you can try Arch Linux .

you can also have fun in remove and put it all alone computer components to train and be able in the future to get yourself your future PC. It’s much more fun to buy a brand already pre-assembled, you’ll see! 🙂

use your old PC to play retro games

If you want to go back to childhood and replay old games Super Nintendo, Mega Drive or Game Boy, you can install emulators on your old PC! These games do not require a lot of graphics resources, so you can run them without problems.

you can also use this old PC to play games like Age of Empires II PC for example. Some of these games are more compatible with recent versions of Windows. Windows XP usually allows you to play all the old PC games so feel free to reinstall (if you have a license). To find older games old school of , I recommend the excellent site Abadonware France which lists a lot of retro games and traces the history of the video game! : pc:

the last word the first chapter of the file recycling an old PC stops here 😀 I hope that you will be allowed to discover the many benefits of the restore from an old computer, that you can retrieve in a dump or in your attic. Test machine, gift for a member of my family, a NAS Server installation… solutions are not for recycling an old PC ! : ok: