20% of autonomy and more by changing its kernel – tutorial [Exclusive Guide]

4:51 am February 23, 20176248

you can extend the life of some smartphones more 20% by modifying and setting my kernel . We explain how.

following our introductory article about the modification of the kernel , we have expanded this technique to measure the gain of autonomy and explain how to do the same.

that is a kernel? 

kernel or core is as its name suggests the heart of an operating system, it is what allows communication between components , whether software or hardware, and manages the resources of the unit. It is he who, for example, will manage when the processor to increase my power and when to turn it down. If you want more information we invite you to consult this comprehensive article on the subject!

it is possible to install custom kernel on a phone what is called a , and set it up differently. This time he goes to the way one custom ROM, not to change your system OS but how the phone handles its energy consumption . One of the best known is ElementalX , and that we use here .

a custom kernel installation

Attention for this tutorial we used one Nexus 5 X , so it may be that our technique is not completely the same for your smartphone. To know the technique best suited to your smartphone we invite you to visit the forum XDA-Developers dedicated to your smartphone and search “Adavnced Interactive Governor Tweaks.

first to be your smartphone roote and custom recovery or installed. For our X 5 Nexus Android 7.1.1 we followed guide.

when your smartphone is rooted and a custom recovery installed (here TWRP ), download the kernel ElementalX from your smartphone by visiting this address . Then choose your phone in the list, and then click it. You arrive on its dedicated page and here it just down to the download options and download the kernel suitable for your version of Android, here we are on Android 7.1.1 so we take the Kernel for 7.1. +.

you then arrive on the download page, click on “ Begin Download ” and then choose the download server near you (in our case it is the German Server, the rest being either the United States or the Canada), click on it and the download starts.

the download is complete, turn off your smartphone and reboot in recovery . On most phones you need to turn on your phone by holding the power button and the volume down key. When you arrive in what is called the “ bootloader ” you just use the volume keys to navigate, to go up to “ Recovery Mode ” and validate with a press of the button power . You arrive in the recovery.

when you arrive in the menu, click on ‘ install ‘ (or ‘Install’ If your recovery is set in English) then go to the folder where the Kernel to Flash zip (it is more often in the “Download” folder). When you have found your ZIP, click on it and start the installation.

installation ElementalX not allowing to make screenshot, here is the procedure for a Nexus 5 X. As we invite you previously, be sure to find the settings for your terminal.

1st screen: check “I agree with the terms of use”

2nd screen: check 1440 MHz

3rd screen: check 1824 MHz

4th screen: check FIOPS and 512

5th screen: check Disable S2W/DT2W

6th screen: check Sweep left

7th screen: don’t check anything

8th screen: click Install ElementalX

installation return to TWRP and click on ‘ erase cache/dalvik ‘ (or Wipe cache/dalvik) then “reboot “. ”

setting the Governor CPU

back on Android, download Kernel EX Manager on the Play Store. It costs 3.39 euros, but that’s the price to pay to extend the life of your smartphone.

open the app, accept the root permission , then go in the section CPU , then in the options “ Governor CPU ” and “ Governor CPU (Big cluster) ‘ choose ‘ interactive ” & click on “ Options of the Governor “. ”

attention, here is that the differences between the terminals are, the options that we will activate on the Nexus 5 X are not compatible with those for the OnePlus 3 T for example. So we invite you once again to follow the approach adapted to your smartphone from the XDA developers forum dedicated to him .

If you have a Nexus 5 X Copy exactly what is noted on the screenshots below:

left, options for the “Little cluster” right, the options for the ‘Big cluster’

click on ‘ save ‘ and continue to the next step.

turn off touchboost also in the menu of the CPU. Go then in “ Boost CPU ” and make sure the options are as in this screenshot:

your kernel is now changed. Your autonomy should be considerably better during typical use. But how much?

what gain of autonomy?

for this test, we measured the autonomy of our Nexus 5 X before and after the modification of the kernel and setup of the governor . Our Protocol of autonomy test simulates a daily use.

with the original kernel, the device held 15 hours and 48 minutes. After the modification, it held 19 hours and 9 minutes. A significant gain of 3 h 21 min, or 21% , which proves the effectiveness of this method indeed! It’s especially useful on the Nexus 5 X, known for my bad self.

this is what we recommend this method? If you are fairly bold for rooting your smartphone, install a recovery, a kernel then set it up, Yes! Which smartphone would not gain autonomy benefit?

However even if you de-rooter your phone after installing the kernel, this prevents the installation of the OTA updates on some smartphones. For others, the kernel of origin will be reinstalled and then redo the tampering. Also the kernel ElementalX is different depending on the version of Android, which shows that an update of Android must be accompanied by a new installation of the custom kernel .

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