10 WordPress plugins to fix its ‘beginner mistakes’ [Quick Guide]

7:45 pm October 31, 201612067

one who never made mistakes on my blog or my WordPress site raises my hand! Indeed, being a very intuitive CMS WordPress, it became easy to create my own website… After a while, it is possible that you will realize that you have a few mistakes “beginner”.

So what to do? Continue without being really happy or just start from the beginning? NO! No need to go that far, I propose you to discover a few free plugins that might well save the day!

erreurs du débutant WordPress

What are the biggest mistakes?

When I talk about mistakes, I speak code errors or bugs but rather manipulation or actions made during your early and you’d be well you today… In the list of the most common errors are:

  • install WordPress in a bad location
  • start to set up my site leaving the free access to visitors
  • forget to set up my permalinks and realizing too late
  • modify the code “hardcoded” directly into the files of the theme
  • do not manage its media and import such photos what
  • create pages instead articles or vice versa
  • make lots of tests that clutter its database
  • modify an article or a page and regret making him
  • and yet several other mistakes not to make

is that what one of them calls you? If this is the case, you will see that it is not very complicated to fix this…

Plugin-sauveur No. 1: DUPLICATOR

Plugin Duplicator

you installed WordPress in a folder named “wordpress” whereas your intention was to your site to appear at the root? It is never pleasant to realize that your blog or your site is accessible to the URL http://mon-site.com/wordpress/ instead of http://mon-site.com/ isn’t it? The plugin DUPLICATOR is here to help you move your site safely . A few clicks, two or three manipulations and the round will be played!

Plugin-Savior No. 2: WP MAINTENANCE

Plugin WP Maintenance

you know that once WordPress installed on your hosting, your site becomes accessible and everyone can see it? Of course you might work locally before putting your site online, but if you are not in this case, it would be nice to think to set up a maintenance page. It will allow you to create your site safe from prying , to harvest a few new subscribers to your newsletter or a few new followers to your social networks! These are the features that offers the WP MAINTENANCE plugin… In addition, you can add a picture, a logo, choose your fonts, colors etc…

Plugin-sauveur No. 3: REDIRECT

redirections wordpress

it may well be that your site contains broken links. You just realize that you have made changes to URL in the past or even that you have changed your permalinks voluntarily in order to make your site more efficient. Unfortunately, he had there thought before you publish your pages and your articles! No problems, the REDIRECTION plugin is here to help you fix this: in a few clicks, you can make your post redirects .


Plugin Child Theme Configurator

to your debut, you are setting your site as well you seemed, until you say “I’ll change the footer so that my name appears”… The classic shot! On the other hand, you went to edit it directly in the file footer.php your theme… Bad idea: at the first update of your theme, you will lose all your changes! Correct this by creating your own child theme . You don’t have want to encode? The free CHILD THEME CONFIGURATOR plugin will do the work for you.

Plugin-Savior n ° 5: PHŒNIX MEDIA RENAME

Plugin Phoenix Media Rename

misconfigured media can become the Achilles heel of your site, the problem is that “you were not aware” of best practices and now that you have uploaded 300 images, you no longer have the courage to reverse… Namely: a photo uploaded to WordPress gets its own URL that cannot be changed. [Exampletonotfollow: screen http://mon-site.com/Capture 2016-10-17 to 09.49.54/… Not great at all! Fortunately PHŒNIX MEDIA RENAME is designed to rectify these mistakes of the past. With ease, , you can change the URL of your media already uploaded in order to optimize them!

Plugin-sauveur No. 6: POST TYPE SWITCHER

Plugin Post Type Switcher

in the beginning, you did not know too much how to organize your site. Now, and in hindsight, you say that such or such content could be managed as an article rather than as a page, or vice versa. The problem is that WordPress does not offer the ability to edit your content types: once an article is published, you cannot convert it into page … On the other hand, POST TYPE SWITCHER is a free and effective plugin that will allow you to do this very easily. Also note that it supports the Custom Post Type (your custom content types).

Plugin-sauveur No. 7: ENABLE MEDIA REPLACE

Plugin Enable Media Replace

for any but certainly justified reason, you might need to Exchange certain media by other more recent or more effective for example. However, you are safer to know if these are used in a single post or very well in several… When in doubt, don’t waste your time at navigate your site, find the photo in question, remove it then upload the new, without forgetting to place it in the desired places … Anything that of to say, I’m tired! Fortunately there are plugins that avoid us this kind of tedious tasks and ENABLE MEDIA REPLACE part. In addition, all links pointing to your photo will be also updated.

Plugin-sauveur No. 8: POST DATE TIME CHANGE

Plgin Post Date Time Change

for various reasons, you might need to change the date and/or time of your posts and your media . For example, it may be that your theme displays some of your content based on date of publication. To change this easily, you can appeal to the plugin POST DATE TIME CHANGE that allows you to do this individually or by batch.


Plugin Advanced Database Cleaner

why burden your database with unwanted comments, deleted articles, trials abandoned etc… ? To do a little housekeeping and make your site more effective , I propose to discover ADVANCED DATABASE CLEANER that will allow you to remove only the data that no longer interest you. Goodbye spam, revisions of articles and other undesirable elements!

Plugin-sauveur No. 10: DUPLICATE POST

Plugin Duplicate Post

you want to make changes on old posts created when starting with WordPress but you don’t have want to lose everything in the case of an unsatisfactory result? The DUPLICATE POST plugin is made for you. Thanks to him, you can duplicate an article or a page in order to make your changes without destroy the original . Once you have made your choice between the two versions, you can remove the bad.



Although WordPress is very powerful, it does not always offer the possibility to go back… Also I make some mistakes when I first started, I had wanted to share with you the solutions that will help you move forward!

All your “tips” will be welcome, feel free to add to this list…