10 ways to create a directory under WordPress [Quick Guide]

12:12 am January 31, 20175575

WordPress is a very powerful CMS that allows various types of web sites: the showcase site to the merchant site through the blog, forum and even the directory! And, throughout this article, we’ll cover together the top 10 ways to make a directory .

What is a directory?

A web directory makes it possible to identify and list different actors according to a hierarchy of categories and subcategories… Nowadays the directories can cover so many different and varied interests that by “protagonist” I refer to web sites, restaurants, places etc…

Not to be confused with a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo! for example, a directory is done manually by humans and perhaps “generalist” or “specialized”.

Different types of directories:

if he had to in turn classify directories, categories would certainly:

  • ‘business’ directory: an independent or a society decides to create a directory.
  • ‘Community’ directory: a community sharing and supports a part of the directory based on the interests of each.
  • “pre-filled” directory: crawlers collect content found on the web and then officials of the directory shall classify the information gathered.


how to create its directory with WordPress?

Now that we know more about the directories, back in the thick of it and see the 10 best ways to make it happen.

3 ways by using a free theme…

If your goal is to achieve a simple directory easily and for free, I’ve selected 3 free templates available in the WordPress directory. Ideal to start, you may need to create a child theme for further customization.

  1. The theme “ Directory Starter “: simple but effective theme which is based on a plugin to geolocation published by the same team.
  2. The theme “ Business Directory “: quick and easy to customize, there are also several pre-built page templates.
  3. The theme “ Directory “: popular (more than 9000 active installations), it is setting easily… I must say that the creator of this theme is not my first attempt because it proposes more than 15 themes in the WordPress directory!

3 ways by using a premium theme…

I chose for you the 3 best themes pay, available on one of the most well-known platforms, allowing you to create a powerful directory without breaking the Bank for as much (count still $ 65 approximately).

  1. The theme “ Directory Portal WordPress Theme “: one of the “bestseller” the platform for this category, Directory offers many features including a multitude of customization options, Google Fonts fonts, creating pages in “Drag & Drop” (Page Builder) and many others…
  2. The theme “ Listify “: very highly rated by consumers, Listify is a little less provided in features than these neighbors but, on the other hand, it offers a nice design and it is ideal for directories of place such as hotels, restaurants…
  3. The theme “ Business Finder “: Business Finder as my cousin Directory , offers many features, but it also offers a sleek and elegant design with the original icons and very trendy.


4 ways by adding a plugin to your WordPress…

A site is constantly changing and you might want to add a directory service without changing theme? It’s possible! Indeed, you are not aware that CMS WordPress allows to add features according to your desires and needs and that’s what makes it so attractive… I have selected for you the 4 best available plugins to achieve:

  1. the free plugin “ Business Directory Plugin “: very well noted and used by more than 20,000 sites, it’s the value of the free plugins in this category!
  2. The free plugin “ Connection Business Directory “: very well noted, it will be chosen rather for its specialization for creating address book or list of members…
  3. The plugin paying “ Sabai Directory plugin for WordPress ” (count $ 29 the plugin): it offers many features such as monetization, the location, the votes…
  4. The plugin paying “ Web 2.0 Directory plugin for WordPress “: configurable at will, it is more or less equivalent to Sabai If is that it offers more freedom in customization but for a higher fee also ($ 34 the plugin).


and as a bonus, the old-fashioned way…

If, however, these solutions do not suit you, and that you have the required skills (knowledge in HTML, CSS and PHP) then you will still be able to encode your own theme, that I would like to give you two very useful links to get started you:

  • Codex de WordPress in French will let you know all the tricks of a theme.
  • The Underscore framework will provide the basic structure organized according to the hierarchy advocated by WordPress… Name your theme, download it and you have to encode the minimum: your directory!

the choice of the author…

For my part, if I had to make a simple but both relevant and intuitive online directory, I would opt again for the solution of buying a premium theme… My heart would probably swing the theme Business Finder because the design is a little more fun and navigation is a little more “friendly”, but it’s still a question of feeling!

Now that you see a little clearer in the creation of your site directory for WordPress and you have many choices to make, just you one more thing to do: get to work!