💥 a Google type Penguin update deployed 07 last March? [Exclusive Guide]

4:32 pm March 10, 20177074

Google could have deployed between the 07 and 08 March 2017 a new updated its algorithm that will have impact quite similar to Penguin updates that target the sites with suroptimises links or low quality.

if the filter Google Penguin is now supposed to act in real time , many webmasters recently complained on a forum BlackHat US and also in France a sharp drop in traffic and ranking on their websites between March 07 and 08 March 2017. This update would target preconceptions especially websites with a profile of links suroptimisé or low quality but it is at the moment just a guess since we lack enough information to confirm or refute this hypothesis.

for its part, Google for in my usual nothing confirmed officially, announcing that they make changes 3 times a day on average. However, when we dwell on the various tools that measure the fluctuation in the Google result pages, there is a good chance that an update for occurred between the 07 and 08 March 2017:

Mise à jour Google Mars Mozcast

the Mozcast panicked from 08 March 2017, indicating a strong fluctuation of the SERPs followed.

Mise à jour Google Mars Serpmetrics

Serpmetrics also indicates a strong fluctuation of the positions since March 07, 2017, with the point culminating on March 09.

Mise à jour Google Mars Rankranger Mise à jour Google Mars Rankranger Mobile

on the other hand, on its tracking tool of the fluctuation of the SERPs on Desktop and Mobile, RankRanger also recorded a peak between the 08 and 09 March 2017.

Mise à jour Google Mars SEMrush

the new fluctuations of the SEMrush SERPs tracking tool also indicates a probable update around 08 March 2017. This tool, which is still in Beta, for the advantage of presenting a flucuation by topic index, what other tools do not allow.

have you seen fluctuations on your websites? Feel free to us up (positive as negative) changes in the comments.

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